Welcome to Special Yoga

Discover the extraordinary power of working authentically from the heart.

About Us

Welcome to this Special Yoga community of practitioners, parents, teachers, healthcare professionals, carers and others supporting children with special and additional needs.

We all want children to thrive and the methodology and practise of Special Yoga we teach gives them this opportunity.

Using easily accessible, therapeutic practices which encourage self regulation we create a pathway for the child to feel safe. As you work together using the breath, touch, movement and sound you’ll increase your capacity to listen beyond words. Taking the child out of stress and into a relaxed state creates the optimum condition and possibility for positive change.

About Our Community

We wanted to create a place where we can come together - to care, to share.

If you've had a break through moment with your child - please share.
If you've had a session with a child which left you baffled - please share that too.
If you've come across a practice which invited a sense of calm and moment of self nurturing - please share.

We'll be sharing too. Practices, news, research, events, quotes which inspired us and if there's something else you want...share that too. You get the idea!

We're building a community of acceptance, curiosity, love, enquiry and kindness so please as you read and as you post always be guided by the heart.